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Salman & my showdown in Tiger 3 : Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi has wowed everyone with his villainous turn in YRF’s Tiger 3 where he went toe to toe with the country’s biggest action superstar Salman Khan!

YRF’s Tiger 3 has recorded an astounding 169.75 crore nett and 272 crore gross worldwide in just 4 days and is on course to record another huge weekend from Friday! Emraan is thrilled with the love that people are pouring on him and Tiger 3!

Emraan says, “I’m thrilled with the response to Tiger 3 and how people have showered love on my performance. We have started on a very good note and I expect the film to entertain audiences globally. I relished at the opportunity to play an anti-hero and what could be better than going toe to toe with the biggest action superstar of our country, Salman Khan! I’m delighted that people have loved our showdown and that’s great validation for me.”

He adds, “I have always wanted to entertain people with my choice of films and playing an anti-hero liberated me to explore shades that I have never ventured into before. I’m thankful to people for loving my villainous turn and for making Tiger 3 a successful film at the box office.”

Produced by Aditya Chopra & directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 is running successfully in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

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